Quote of The Day– March 26

Each day I post a quote and my thoughts. This way you can be motivated and have a different reason!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
C. S. Lewis

I chose this quote because it’s true. We all face challenges when it comes to our goals, sometimes it’s enough to even make us give up. Guess what: That’s okay! Each time a challenge or setback arrive it comes in the form of a mirror every time. A mirror of yourself and your resolve to succeed.

I went to college, originally, to be a funeral director. Throughout my freshmen and sophomore year I studied the human anatomy,watched the procedure on how to embalm and even shadowed an accomplished funeral director. I was set on donning the black suit and not clapping after the eulogy (It was a great speech, but not every speech is a Toastmasters speech). Then in my Junior year I took a public speaking class and I fell in love with it. Even more than the funeral business. After I did my first ever public speech I simply walked to the administration office and changed my major to communications. A new passion took my resolve to be a funeral director and since then I’ve been in love with speaking to large crowds.


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