The Importance of Being Different

How can you be an impact player, the top dog in your pack of working wolves? The answer is as simple as saying your name yet more difficult than anything you can do on purpose.

Be Different.

Growing up in Florida you know much about Walt Disney World. You know when is the best time to get on Space Mountain (When the fireworks are going off), what time the Three O’Clock Parade commences (You’d be surprised how many Cast Members are asked that question) and not to mess with the Disney Ducks (They are protected and they know it).
And when you are or related to a cast member you know the history of the company. Not just how the opening of Disneyland was called Black Sunday because it didn’t go as planned, but how Walt Disney scoped the Orlando area for years when it was a swampland and persisted in ensuring the rights to the now 48-mile resort. THAT WAS DIFFERENT. But that’s not the first time Walt got success from his differently laced mind: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is a beloved children’s classic. At the time no animation was a feature length, animations were always shorts before the main events, a preliminary content on a boxing card. Disney’s own wife laughed at him when he set out to make Snow White a full length. THAT WAS DIFFERENT.

Tom Anderson (Myspace)
Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd (Epic Rap Battles of History)
Johannes Gutenberg (“The printing press)
Joesph Bruce (Insane Clown Posse)

They didn’t set out to make an impact. They set out to do what they felt in their heart, lead by the fires of their passion. To be different is to be authentic. You can’t fake the real thing, you can only make an imitation. The number one rule to being an impact player in your workforce is TO. BE. DIFFERENT! 

You know your job, right? You perform it well? Perform it differently. I was working at a burger joint called Krystal’s in my early 20’s. It’s essentially a White Castle knock off, but I defended the brand because I was loyal to the company. So loyal that I’d often make catch phrases to the customers. Thank you For Krystalizing Your Day. Or How May I Krystalize Your Night? The customers loved it because it was different and my enthusiasm was authentic. Want to pass up on being different at work?  On your next lunch break go to McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King and tell me which cashier you remember most. I can promise you, unless the cashier was authentic and not simply the hand tapping the POS, you won’t.


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