Quick Advice: Job Hunting

I don’t like to waste time. Time is money and money makes the world go ’round (If you want to rename gravity money that is). So I like to make my advice concise and precise. So here’s a new exclusive to the Impact Player blog: Quick Advice! Consider this the Snicker Minis of career blogs. Smaller but still just as chewy.

Today’s Quick Advice is Job Hunting.

It’s 2014, the 21st Century. We are no longer searching for jobs, to simply browse the job boards. We are on the hunt. The unemployed have transformed into big game hunters, whether they know it or not! So it’s time you stop treating your job hunt as a game of peek-a-boo with the boards. You need to develop a strategy and game plan when you hunt for that job.

Even though you are open to work weekends, doesn’t mean hiring managers do.

The lion sleeps at night, but not the jaguar. Use the weekend to build up your repertoire of cover letters, resumes and business cards. Read articles like the Employment Guide, Forbes, Inc., The Ladders to get insight on how to network more effectively or create and recreate your resume into a missile of job security, among other fine articles, all written by executives and experts. Use the week to search for jobs and attend networking events.


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