Quote of The Day– April 30th

Each day I like to give you some motivation and my thoughts behind it. This way you have a new quote to think about and a different perception to it.

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
–Mark Twain

I personally love this quote because it’s true. An education is great, I love academia and my favorite time in my life was college. However, education does not imply intellect or creativity. With the rise of common core in America many young job seekers are programmed with entitlement and conformity. To be successful in business you must always be evolving, never be pleased with stagnation. To be successful with life you can’t be happy in mediocrity. You must be challenged mentally to keep your mind sharp and your creativity unleashed.


Quote of The Day– April 29th

Time for a new quote of the day! I give you a quote and my thoughts on it. This way you get motivated and have a new perspective on why.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” 
–Henry Ford 

I’ve always been a an admirer of Henry Ford. Say what you will about his moral views but his business ventures is legendary; the Ford Company was the cornerstone of 20th Century business in America. In the 21st Century, reputation is just as important as it was a hundred or five hundred years ago. Impact Player is not a job title, it’s a reputation of doing more than just getting the job done. In the workplace of today your primary reputation is lurking online. and you surely can’t fill a website of what you plan on doing and expect to get support without any results. Want to be an Impact Player? Make an impact! 

Quote of The Day– April 28th

Each day I like to post a new quote to inspire you. I also give my thoughts on the subject, so that way you get inspired and think in a new perspective! 

“If you want opportunity at your door, you have to mop the floor”
–Wes Cambron

This is indeed one of my original thoughts. When I was a closing cashier at a burger joint one of my nightly assignments was to mop the floor, a simple task. However, 90% of the time when I went to mop the floor we would get a late rush of customers. I loved it when customers came in because it gave me the opportunity to upsell or entertain them while they wait for their food. 
The same can go with those seeking new carer options or waiting for that big promotion. Jesse Ventura wants you to stay vigilant, I want you to stay busy (but never do idle busywork). Keep posting your resumes and apply when certain you can get an interview, but while you wait take on a new project, learn a new skill, beat your high score on an old game, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.
Or if you are seeking that new promotion, keep knocking out home runs. Ensure whenever the higher ups think of your department you are the face, but keep yourself in the loop on the opportunity rumor mill.

What about you, fellow impact players? When did you mop the floor to get opportunity at your door?

Impact Player Interview: Alex Wadsworth

It’s easy to talk about being an impact player. What’s tough is actually doing it. I got to have an exclusive interview with perhaps the biggest impact player in Tampa Bay, Alex Wadswsorth. He is the founder of Talk Wad Studios and the creator of the Talkie Awards, an award show showcasing new media and it’s innovating hosts. I was able to sit down with him before the show for a quick one on one.

It’s the eve of the first ever Talkie Awards, all of Tampa has been buzzing about it for months. How are you feeling?

Alex: I’m feeling very well. This is an industry builder. It will set the stage for new media. It’s making an impact with individuals and local businesses.

What is New Media to you?

Alex: New Media means to me, basically, a new concept/development. What I want to ask is are people embracing this new concept? It’s a change of business. It goes from the old media to an affordable new way of business.

Do you still listen to AM/FM radio?

Alex: No, I have not listened to AM/FM since 2007 when I entered the military.

Why did you join the military?

Alex: I believe every able body male should serve their country, whether it is military or volunteerism. It makes you a better person.  For every hour you work, you get paid for one hour of work. For every hour you volunteer, you get paid 10x that hour.

How did Talk Wad Studios begin?

It started as a hobby for me, a few years ago. It grew to this very big, powerful thing.

Do you consider yourself an impact player?


Have you ever hosted your own show?

Yes, I hosted two shows. Comic Corner which talks about and interviews comedians. As well as A Film A Day, about local films.

What did you do before Talk Wad Studios?

Before 2007, I was the Student body VP for ASAC (largest collection of colleges in the nation), student president for Hillsborough College. I’m a huge advocate for education.

Will the Talkie Awards be Live streamed?:

No. Go to www.TalkieAwards.com for more information.


Team Building

Being a mentor is one thing. But being a team player is another. Not all impact players HAVE to be the team captain, they merely assume the role because they do what people believe captains would do. The number one rule in being a team captain/leader is… Team Building.

There is a proverb from Africa that speaks on team building and why it’s important. “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Anyone can get somewhere quickly. If you want that promotion from entry level to middle management you can get it quick. If you want a new job, you can get it quick (you just have to lose virtually all your standards). But if you gain a reputation of being a team builder then you can go far. Just look at geese. Each goose is an individual member of the flock, and the only reason they manage to migrate each year is because they have each other encouraging them. If one falls out of line two will go down with them. No matter what they remain a team.
I knew a manager at a burger joint I worked for. She was quick to a promotion because she relied on her own skills. But it wasn’t until she got to that shift leader position did she realize how essential she needed her team. So she would constantly ask to work with the new hires so she can train them, coach them and encourage. That is why the corporate offices was always calling her after each shift to see how the store was running. She knew she could rely on her team that she built and th team could rely on their captain, and the corporate offices saw that.