Team Building

Being a mentor is one thing. But being a team player is another. Not all impact players HAVE to be the team captain, they merely assume the role because they do what people believe captains would do. The number one rule in being a team captain/leader is… Team Building.

There is a proverb from Africa that speaks on team building and why it’s important. “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Anyone can get somewhere quickly. If you want that promotion from entry level to middle management you can get it quick. If you want a new job, you can get it quick (you just have to lose virtually all your standards). But if you gain a reputation of being a team builder then you can go far. Just look at geese. Each goose is an individual member of the flock, and the only reason they manage to migrate each year is because they have each other encouraging them. If one falls out of line two will go down with them. No matter what they remain a team.
I knew a manager at a burger joint I worked for. She was quick to a promotion because she relied on her own skills. But it wasn’t until she got to that shift leader position did she realize how essential she needed her team. So she would constantly ask to work with the new hires so she can train them, coach them and encourage. That is why the corporate offices was always calling her after each shift to see how the store was running. She knew she could rely on her team that she built and th team could rely on their captain, and the corporate offices saw that.


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