Impact Player Interview: Alex Wadsworth

It’s easy to talk about being an impact player. What’s tough is actually doing it. I got to have an exclusive interview with perhaps the biggest impact player in Tampa Bay, Alex Wadswsorth. He is the founder of Talk Wad Studios and the creator of the Talkie Awards, an award show showcasing new media and it’s innovating hosts. I was able to sit down with him before the show for a quick one on one.

It’s the eve of the first ever Talkie Awards, all of Tampa has been buzzing about it for months. How are you feeling?

Alex: I’m feeling very well. This is an industry builder. It will set the stage for new media. It’s making an impact with individuals and local businesses.

What is New Media to you?

Alex: New Media means to me, basically, a new concept/development. What I want to ask is are people embracing this new concept? It’s a change of business. It goes from the old media to an affordable new way of business.

Do you still listen to AM/FM radio?

Alex: No, I have not listened to AM/FM since 2007 when I entered the military.

Why did you join the military?

Alex: I believe every able body male should serve their country, whether it is military or volunteerism. It makes you a better person.  For every hour you work, you get paid for one hour of work. For every hour you volunteer, you get paid 10x that hour.

How did Talk Wad Studios begin?

It started as a hobby for me, a few years ago. It grew to this very big, powerful thing.

Do you consider yourself an impact player?


Have you ever hosted your own show?

Yes, I hosted two shows. Comic Corner which talks about and interviews comedians. As well as A Film A Day, about local films.

What did you do before Talk Wad Studios?

Before 2007, I was the Student body VP for ASAC (largest collection of colleges in the nation), student president for Hillsborough College. I’m a huge advocate for education.

Will the Talkie Awards be Live streamed?:

No. Go to for more information.



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