Quote of The Day– April 28th

Each day I like to post a new quote to inspire you. I also give my thoughts on the subject, so that way you get inspired and think in a new perspective! 

“If you want opportunity at your door, you have to mop the floor”
–Wes Cambron

This is indeed one of my original thoughts. When I was a closing cashier at a burger joint one of my nightly assignments was to mop the floor, a simple task. However, 90% of the time when I went to mop the floor we would get a late rush of customers. I loved it when customers came in because it gave me the opportunity to upsell or entertain them while they wait for their food. 
The same can go with those seeking new carer options or waiting for that big promotion. Jesse Ventura wants you to stay vigilant, I want you to stay busy (but never do idle busywork). Keep posting your resumes and apply when certain you can get an interview, but while you wait take on a new project, learn a new skill, beat your high score on an old game, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.
Or if you are seeking that new promotion, keep knocking out home runs. Ensure whenever the higher ups think of your department you are the face, but keep yourself in the loop on the opportunity rumor mill.

What about you, fellow impact players? When did you mop the floor to get opportunity at your door?


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