The Importance of Being A Shark

When it comes to big business in the 1980s all the yuppies wanted to be called “sharks”. It’s been repeated to the point it’s a cliche, but folks being a shark is not a cliche… it’s a vital importance of being an impact player. 

Why? More importantly, how does being a 1980s slang term make you an impact player?

Easy.. it doesn’t. When I say being a shark is important, I’m talking about the king of the ocean, the legendary beast of the deep, and everyone’s favorite week on the Discovery Channel! Sharks are amazing creatures, always filled with tricks and are the perfect metaphor for impact players.

* They move forward
Okay, so they really can’t stop moving but they still continue on their quest. I recently started a new endeavor and wanted fresh clients for my services, and much like every start up I reached out to those who I know. Searching though my contacts I ran across a few associates from my teenage years and thought it be a good idea to try my luck. Instead of taking my services or spreading the news we spent roughly 20 minutes joking about our shenanigans of yesteryear. Not bad but after a certain point thinking like a sophomore gets… sad. Just like sharks we should ALWAYS move forward, no matter how fun the time was. Unless you are Roy Sullivan, you aren’t going to catch lightning in a bottle more than once.

* They go the distance.
And you should to! When they smell blood they can travel miles away, rather than just a quick bite next to them. If you smell an opportunity, always go the distance. As my favorite professor in college would tell me, “Always go the extra mile, it’s less crowded”. 


Seize Your Day

This is perhaps the second most famous scenes in the cult classic Dead Poets Society but the most quoted. As it should be.

Never let the day go astray. Everyone has the potential to capture their dreams, but not everyone has the courage. Know how you know if you have the courage? BY DOING IT!
Everyday is a new challenge so you must have a new goal for it. On Monday is the bed more comfortable? Get up earlier. On Friday are you eager to get out of the office? Stay ten minutes longer.
Each challenge has a goal to be set with it. And it’s always changing. Don’t let your Diem be all work. Life was meant to be lived.