99 Days of Freedom: Day 31

Hello anxious readers,

My apologies for neglecting you. I have not fallen in my journey, simply been busy! I have gone an entire month without Facebook and feel good about it. The only thing that sucks is every website I encounter has a Facebook sync, it’s like the old peer pressure tale.

Some highlights of this month. I got a new gig. I’m still a personal branding consultant, coming up with new ways for job seekers to get the job they want. But I’m also now the Director of Sales for a new radio station. I almost quit because of the lack of communication, but we all pulled together and now I’m focus on making this station a success. It’s not that I agree with the shows. I’m a libertarian anarchist and the boss is a conservative state lover. But if I can make him a boat load of money then I know I’m good as I think I am. I can do it. And I won’t need Facebook either!

Family life has been weird. My oldest nephew is out of his program. Poor kid is not even 15 yet and he’s already seen more jails and mental hospitals then any kid should know about. He should do fine, if not then oh well. I already have one sister who is legit batshit crazy and I talk to her weekly. Then again someone has to keep tabs on her. My wife and I are planning a trip. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. But you best believe I will enjoy it.

That is all to report. Oh. And I finally started reading Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. It reminds me of old Doctor Who… wonder why 😉


99 Days of Freedom: Day Nine

Hello readers of this blog,

Sorry for not checking in earlier. No, I was not on Facebook. I’m going nine days strong and have had a blast. I am well on my way in accomplishing two of my goals in one week. Yesterday Ted Bauer and I finally did a test run of our new video blog series, LinkedIn Leadership. It was an audio disaster and in the video all you could is see me. But I count it as a success and a few more times we might get good at it.

But that was yesterday. Today, I received some raw, unfiltered feedback on the product and booked a guest for next week episode. Which is great, but that is just the podcast, one goal. The other goal is I’m scheduled to met with Bam Bam Brown and Doc Holliday for a marketing position in their radio startup. If we like the numbers and the personalities click, goal two will be checked quick.

99 Days of Freedom: Day Five

Hello readers and clairvoyants,

It’s day five of this challenge and twice I’ve been asked if I’ve had withdrawals. No, I haven’t, I’m still going strong. Throughout the day I have wondered if anyone commented on my status but it didn’t consume me. My main focuses today were my goals, the future and because it’s Monday, wrestling. In fact I’m watching the show right now but the good writers are clearly still on vacation. Let me book a week of WWE programming and I promise every fan will be glued. You don’t have to call me Wes E. Dangerously (props to my ECW readers).

I’m thinking to make this blog series more interesting, every five days I’m going to repeat my yearly goals and how I have made my steps towards them. To repeat…

Goal One: To be involved with two successful startups.
Goal Two: To start a weekly podcast.
Goal Three: Travel more.
Goal Four: Find a new house for me and my wife.
Goal Five: Finish my tattoo sleeve.

Today I have began the process of clearing goal two. Ted Bauer has announced on Google Plus that on Wednesday at 7 PM will be the pilot episode of our new leadership podcast. We will interview each other, debate what real leadership is and how to properly network on LinkedIn. I’ve been asked why I made a tattoo sleeve as a goal, and the reason is simple. You don’t want to finish every goal. Then what? You’ll get bored! It be cool if I can finish a sleeve, but unless I get some high rolling customers and a local tattoo parlor is promoting a tap out session, I might be lucky to get the Werebear claw symbols with my wife, or V from V for Vendetta.

I’ve found a website today called 10,000 Coffees. It’s basically where my generation meets benevolent experts to help out. I once had coffee with an expert and it helped me go farther than I thought. It be wise to get another sit down. Always talk to people and share your wisdom, no matter what your level. If perception is reality then a change of focus is a lifesaver.

99 Days of Freedom: Day Four

Hello readers that come across this blog.

Coming in on a full French work week of no Facebook and I’m doing fine!

The trick is keeping busy. Today I dropped off my nephews back to my mom’s, who was happy to see them again. Her surgery went well and she actually ate pizza. I can’t remember the last time she ate anything that big. She was nice enough to get me a small Dalek toy. It’s close to what the second most gift I want the most for Christmas… a remote control Dalek. I’d have a blast scooting them up to the cats and dog and have it yell “EXTERMINATE!”

Speaking of cruel punishment… Have you actually watched the movie Batman and Robin? The one with Mr. Freeze.It really is an awful, vile movie. The acting is phoned in, the design is an eye sore and who the hell wants nipples on Robin!? Thank you, I’ve been holding in my disdain for that movie all day.

On a positive note, I should be starting my podcast with the one and only Ted Bauer on Wednesday. If we get six straight shows I’ll count that as one of my goals completed. That is how it’s done, folks. Don;t stop when you’re tied, stop when you’re finished.

Daleks, podcasts and terrible movies. That;s how I spend Sundays.

99 Days of Freedom: Day Three

Hello Readers of this website.

It has been three days since I logged into Facebook and I think I’m now on Twitter as an alternative. However, I’m not on it to waste time, I’m trying to use Twitter to get noticed professionally. Make random Tweets to Kevin Smith, Todd Chrisley, and Matthew Santoro. So far it hasn’t picked up but I have noticed a climb in followers and mentions of my article. That was a proud moment today. I finally trended on Pulse! I’ve been making content on LinkedIn for months and finally struck gold. Over 18K views, more than I ever thought. Will I trend on Pulse again? I sure hope so, but I won’t get my hopes up. I deeply appreciate that it got so many views and hope they get something out of it.

If you’ve actually been reading this blog for the last three days you might think it’s de ja vu. I assure you, just because I might have similar days does not mean it’s all the same. Each client is different; I done maybe three today. I’m catching up on my late clients. Sad that I just want a good recommendation from them on LinkedIn. I’ve decided, when my client list dwindle a bit, I will use this challenge to write a script. I promised a movie producer a script about one of my old web serials. Plus I got a local band who wants to do the soundtrack. Be wise to give them what they want.

For the last week I’ve had my two nephews while my mother had heart surgery. She’s fine now and the boys will go home tomorrow. I kind of liked having them around, doing all the chores. My brother in law kept an eye on them while I worked in my room. Heh, times surely don’t change too much. I’ve wanting to go walking soon, or join a gym. I’ve never been this big and I want to get back to my high school weight when I wrestled. Hell, the weight and waistline I had when I met my wife would be nice. All I gotta say it be nice to actually fit into a roller coaster at Universal Studios.

I like 2015. But I do miss the stupid Facebook games. Ah well. 97 days to go.


99 Days of Freedom: Day Two

Hello again readers of the web!

I’m filled with such energy and motivation. I woke up this morning to a full inbox and overflowing alerts on LinkedIn. Since I turned mt focus away from Facebook I’ve been diving into my professional life, head first. An article I brushed of from this blog and posted on LinkedIn caught wind quick. Woke up to over 2 thousand views and 19 comments; shattering my former record of just 536 views. Before I began writing this entry, the views of the new piece is over 4 thousand. Of course I got some negative comments, but that goes with the territory of doing somewhat that matters. The farther you go, the more obstacles you will endure. But it’s worth it. I don’t mind it that they don’t like my writings, they are the ones who took time out of their day to read what I said and write about it.

Business is good. I love selling my services, the hard part is actually completing the services, haha. But I do deliver, I think people should get what they pay for, and sometimes even more. I have a few protegees who should be ready for game time soon. Then it won’t be just me writing for 17 people within a week.

Found out one of the partners I’m courting for the unique store is better than I thought. I walked into the living room with my brother in law playing a PSP game from Japan on his computer, with a PS4 remote. I think the tech side of the business is more than taken care of. Rumor has it he wants to make his own video games, I’m sure I can introduce the kid to the right people.

So far this year is awesome and the Freedom challenge shouldn’t be a problem. It’s only day two and I’ve ben busy. Real test is when things get slow. Think I will crack? Naah.

99 Days of Freedom: Day One

Hello readers of the internet, impact players and curious homebodies!

It is now 2015, a new year and a new start. I’m excited for this new year as it’s a time for something new and different.

For those who have followed this blog, my apologies for the negligence. My focus has been on developing myself as an entrepreneur. I started my first venture, a resume/CV and LinkedIn profile writing service called Cambron Branding. I like to believe it’s a success. Many recommendations from clients, many of whom I’m happy to have helped, and it has opened my eyes on being your own boss. I highly advocate the idea of running your own show, it’s major awesome.

Now, the point of this new blog is the start of a new year, new goals and new everything. I am partaking in the 99 Days of Freedom challenge. Basically I stay off of Facebook for 99 days straight, no prizes, no hidden Easter eggs, simply time away from my generations crowning achievement. Instead, I’m perusing my goals of the year, new ventures and I’m all going to keep an online journal to share.


No real reason. Will it help an insomniac sleep? Maybe. Will it inspire a fellow Gen Y-Not to snap away from social media and peruse a career of fashion? No idea how but I won’t leave anything out. The best way to make a commitment is to write it down. So here I am. Writing out my first day without Facebook, on a new day with my goals in mind. What are my goals? Ironically it wasn’t even to break away from Facebook, I felt this would provide a good storytelling device. And I love a good story.

Goal One: To be involved with two successful startups.
Goal Two: To start a weekly podcast.
Goal Three: Travel more.
Goal Four: Find a new house for me and my wife.
Goal Five: Finish my tattoo sleeve.

I have already began my goals. Two months ago I proposed the Startup Challenge on LinkedIn. A wild eyed writer by the name of Ted answered the call. He wants to do a weekly podcast about LinkedIn. Being a newly made yes man, I jumped at it. So far we’re planning everything out. But if we get this going for least six weeks, I’d chalk it up as a win.
Also in talks with two contacts here in Florida about starting a computer and gun store. I love the author Sherrilyn Kenyon, and she has a character who owns one. It’s different and exciting and I never done either. I’m excited to see how far it goes. Maybe that’s two goals down.

This has been the first day of 99 Days of Freedom. God,I hope there is more interesting shit. Else I’d be rambling and you’d be clicking out.