99 Days of Freedom: Day One

Hello readers of the internet, impact players and curious homebodies!

It is now 2015, a new year and a new start. I’m excited for this new year as it’s a time for something new and different.

For those who have followed this blog, my apologies for the negligence. My focus has been on developing myself as an entrepreneur. I started my first venture, a resume/CV and LinkedIn profile writing service called Cambron Branding. I like to believe it’s a success. Many recommendations from clients, many of whom I’m happy to have helped, and it has opened my eyes on being your own boss. I highly advocate the idea of running your own show, it’s major awesome.

Now, the point of this new blog is the start of a new year, new goals and new everything. I am partaking in the 99 Days of Freedom challenge. Basically I stay off of Facebook for 99 days straight, no prizes, no hidden Easter eggs, simply time away from my generations crowning achievement. Instead, I’m perusing my goals of the year, new ventures and I’m all going to keep an online journal to share.


No real reason. Will it help an insomniac sleep? Maybe. Will it inspire a fellow Gen Y-Not to snap away from social media and peruse a career of fashion? No idea how but I won’t leave anything out. The best way to make a commitment is to write it down. So here I am. Writing out my first day without Facebook, on a new day with my goals in mind. What are my goals? Ironically it wasn’t even to break away from Facebook, I felt this would provide a good storytelling device. And I love a good story.

Goal One: To be involved with two successful startups.
Goal Two: To start a weekly podcast.
Goal Three: Travel more.
Goal Four: Find a new house for me and my wife.
Goal Five: Finish my tattoo sleeve.

I have already began my goals. Two months ago I proposed the Startup Challenge on LinkedIn. A wild eyed writer by the name of Ted answered the call. He wants to do a weekly podcast about LinkedIn. Being a newly made yes man, I jumped at it. So far we’re planning everything out. But if we get this going for least six weeks, I’d chalk it up as a win.
Also in talks with two contacts here in Florida about starting a computer and gun store. I love the author Sherrilyn Kenyon, and she has a character who owns one. It’s different and exciting and I never done either. I’m excited to see how far it goes. Maybe that’s two goals down.

This has been the first day of 99 Days of Freedom. God,I hope there is more interesting shit. Else I’d be rambling and you’d be clicking out.



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