99 Days of Freedom: Day Two

Hello again readers of the web!

I’m filled with such energy and motivation. I woke up this morning to a full inbox and overflowing alerts on LinkedIn. Since I turned mt focus away from Facebook I’ve been diving into my professional life, head first. An article I brushed of from this blog and posted on LinkedIn caught wind quick. Woke up to over 2 thousand views and 19 comments; shattering my former record of just 536 views. Before I began writing this entry, the views of the new piece is over 4 thousand. Of course I got some negative comments, but that goes with the territory of doing somewhat that matters. The farther you go, the more obstacles you will endure. But it’s worth it. I don’t mind it that they don’t like my writings, they are the ones who took time out of their day to read what I said and write about it.

Business is good. I love selling my services, the hard part is actually completing the services, haha. But I do deliver, I think people should get what they pay for, and sometimes even more. I have a few protegees who should be ready for game time soon. Then it won’t be just me writing for 17 people within a week.

Found out one of the partners I’m courting for the unique store is better than I thought. I walked into the living room with my brother in law playing a PSP game from Japan on his computer, with a PS4 remote. I think the tech side of the business is more than taken care of. Rumor has it he wants to make his own video games, I’m sure I can introduce the kid to the right people.

So far this year is awesome and the Freedom challenge shouldn’t be a problem. It’s only day two and I’ve ben busy. Real test is when things get slow. Think I will crack? Naah.


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