99 Days of Freedom: Day Three

Hello Readers of this website.

It has been three days since I logged into Facebook and I think I’m now on Twitter as an alternative. However, I’m not on it to waste time, I’m trying to use Twitter to get noticed professionally. Make random Tweets to Kevin Smith, Todd Chrisley, and Matthew Santoro. So far it hasn’t picked up but I have noticed a climb in followers and mentions of my article. That was a proud moment today. I finally trended on Pulse! I’ve been making content on LinkedIn for months and finally struck gold. Over 18K views, more than I ever thought. Will I trend on Pulse again? I sure hope so, but I won’t get my hopes up. I deeply appreciate that it got so many views and hope they get something out of it.

If you’ve actually been reading this blog for the last three days you might think it’s de ja vu. I assure you, just because I might have similar days does not mean it’s all the same. Each client is different; I done maybe three today. I’m catching up on my late clients. Sad that I just want a good recommendation from them on LinkedIn. I’ve decided, when my client list dwindle a bit, I will use this challenge to write a script. I promised a movie producer a script about one of my old web serials. Plus I got a local band who wants to do the soundtrack. Be wise to give them what they want.

For the last week I’ve had my two nephews while my mother had heart surgery. She’s fine now and the boys will go home tomorrow. I kind of liked having them around, doing all the chores. My brother in law kept an eye on them while I worked in my room. Heh, times surely don’t change too much. I’ve wanting to go walking soon, or join a gym. I’ve never been this big and I want to get back to my high school weight when I wrestled. Hell, the weight and waistline I had when I met my wife would be nice. All I gotta say it be nice to actually fit into a roller coaster at Universal Studios.

I like 2015. But I do miss the stupid Facebook games. Ah well. 97 days to go.



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