99 Days of Freedom: Day Four

Hello readers that come across this blog.

Coming in on a full French work week of no Facebook and I’m doing fine!

The trick is keeping busy. Today I dropped off my nephews back to my mom’s, who was happy to see them again. Her surgery went well and she actually ate pizza. I can’t remember the last time she ate anything that big. She was nice enough to get me a small Dalek toy. It’s close to what the second most gift I want the most for Christmas… a remote control Dalek. I’d have a blast scooting them up to the cats and dog and have it yell “EXTERMINATE!”

Speaking of cruel punishment… Have you actually watched the movie Batman and Robin? The one with Mr. Freeze.It really is an awful, vile movie. The acting is phoned in, the design is an eye sore and who the hell wants nipples on Robin!? Thank you, I’ve been holding in my disdain for that movie all day.

On a positive note, I should be starting my podcast with the one and only Ted Bauer on Wednesday. If we get six straight shows I’ll count that as one of my goals completed. That is how it’s done, folks. Don;t stop when you’re tied, stop when you’re finished.

Daleks, podcasts and terrible movies. That;s how I spend Sundays.


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