99 Days of Freedom: Day Five

Hello readers and clairvoyants,

It’s day five of this challenge and twice I’ve been asked if I’ve had withdrawals. No, I haven’t, I’m still going strong. Throughout the day I have wondered if anyone commented on my status but it didn’t consume me. My main focuses today were my goals, the future and because it’s Monday, wrestling. In fact I’m watching the show right now but the good writers are clearly still on vacation. Let me book a week of WWE programming and I promise every fan will be glued. You don’t have to call me Wes E. Dangerously (props to my ECW readers).

I’m thinking to make this blog series more interesting, every five days I’m going to repeat my yearly goals and how I have made my steps towards them. To repeat…

Goal One: To be involved with two successful startups.
Goal Two: To start a weekly podcast.
Goal Three: Travel more.
Goal Four: Find a new house for me and my wife.
Goal Five: Finish my tattoo sleeve.

Today I have began the process of clearing goal two. Ted Bauer has announced on Google Plus that on Wednesday at 7 PM will be the pilot episode of our new leadership podcast. We will interview each other, debate what real leadership is and how to properly network on LinkedIn. I’ve been asked why I made a tattoo sleeve as a goal, and the reason is simple. You don’t want to finish every goal. Then what? You’ll get bored! It be cool if I can finish a sleeve, but unless I get some high rolling customers and a local tattoo parlor is promoting a tap out session, I might be lucky to get the Werebear claw symbols with my wife, or V from V for Vendetta.

I’ve found a website today called 10,000 Coffees. It’s basically where my generation meets benevolent experts to help out. I once had coffee with an expert and it helped me go farther than I thought. It be wise to get another sit down. Always talk to people and share your wisdom, no matter what your level. If perception is reality then a change of focus is a lifesaver.


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