99 Days of Freedom: Day 31

Hello anxious readers,

My apologies for neglecting you. I have not fallen in my journey, simply been busy! I have gone an entire month without Facebook and feel good about it. The only thing that sucks is every website I encounter has a Facebook sync, it’s like the old peer pressure tale.

Some highlights of this month. I got a new gig. I’m still a personal branding consultant, coming up with new ways for job seekers to get the job they want. But I’m also now the Director of Sales for a new radio station. I almost quit because of the lack of communication, but we all pulled together and now I’m focus on making this station a success. It’s not that I agree with the shows. I’m a libertarian anarchist and the boss is a conservative state lover. But if I can make him a boat load of money then I know I’m good as I think I am. I can do it. And I won’t need Facebook either!

Family life has been weird. My oldest nephew is out of his program. Poor kid is not even 15 yet and he’s already seen more jails and mental hospitals then any kid should know about. He should do fine, if not then oh well. I already have one sister who is legit batshit crazy and I talk to her weekly. Then again someone has to keep tabs on her. My wife and I are planning a trip. Don’t know where. Don’t know when. But you best believe I will enjoy it.

That is all to report. Oh. And I finally started reading Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. It reminds me of old Doctor Who… wonder why 😉


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