99 Days of Freedom: Day 57

Has it really been this long?

Hello readers, I have not abandoned my quest. I have not graced the status bar of Facebook in 57 straight days. I honestly don’t feel any different, no withdrawals. In fact I started the paleo diet and almost fit into a 2x shirt now. By next month I should fit comfortably. Got a new phone, and I’m able to download stupid games so the allure of Facebook is gone.

I’ve been obsessed with Cards Against Humanity. It’s addictive, amoral and far out. If you haven’t played and have thick skin, I highly recommend playing it.

I left a racist radio station. I thought I could save it, but with it’s lack of real direction I had to leave. But it has given me more insight and tools on how to properly run a business. I want in a startup badly. A new feel, a new direction, a new vision. I like that idea.

For my next tattoo I want a Shakespeare quote.

Still haven’t traveled to New Orleans. But found out Miami is not as far as w\I thought from me. I should check it out sometime. I might like Cuban sandwiches.


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