What Is A Brand?

As someone who develops personal brands for job seekers, I have been asked constantly what is what is a brand? How do you develop it? You can read articles all day long (and I have) and you will get conflicting reports with repeated jargon. It’s typically written out in long winded rants or multiple choice where the reader has to guess the correct answer.
But that isn’t helpful. Why would these experts make it difficult for their potential clients to understand what they do? They do this to keep their jobs. Developing a personal brand is the easiest thing in the world, I should know. I develop between three to six brands a week and I go out of my way to make it challenging for myself.

So what is a brand?

If you ask me this on a personal level, if you are trying to develop your personal brand for your LinkedIn profile here is the most simplest, straight forward answer… It’s you.
If you are a startup and you want to stand out by declaring your brand, let me tell you what your company brand is…. Your team.
You are your brand.
Whatever makes you stand out, gives you distinction. Is your company the only computer and gun store in your town? Have you climbed Mt. Everest? What is your favorite sports team?
Your brand is you. Your brand is your team. Never quiet personality and never snuff out creativity and imagination.

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