My First Experience on Periscope

Hello Branding Cats,

The weekend is almost over, I hope you have had fun. If not, then may your next personal day be evolutionary. As some of you know, I like to stay current on social media and see the new wave, though I’m not always in the water when it hits. Last night I changed that.

Periscope, for those who don’t know, is a live broadcasting of oneself via their mobile phone. No rules, no guidelines, just you and your phone. It’s an invitation into your life. Great engagement. I watched a few videos, many of which were at parties around the country and even one cat at Hollywood Studios in Disney. After an hour or two I jumped in with my first video.

Because I joined that day not many people checked me out. I didn’t know what to do, it was a real test in my broadcasting ability as it was truly just me. No script, no cue, no prep. Just me. I spent about 20 minutes talking about branding and social engagement. Then called it a night and thanked the few people who spent their time listening to me.

Will I broadcast again? Yes, I will. Will I spend a few minutes prepping? YES! But I think the ability to be you and be brave in showing who you truly are is how you truly connect on a social platform like Periscope.


Don’t Get a Job. Get A Purpose

Hello Branding Cats,

You know, I constantly treat LinkedIn profiles like dating site profiles. You want to give out the right message for the right person. For those reading who have been on dating sites, how many of suitors would you talk to if they reeked of desperation and flat out said they will take anyone. Not many of you, I’m sure. Confidence is key in that situation, and also when networking on and offline. To flat out say you want any job cheapens you as a professional. Stop looking for a job to say you have a job. It’s like when you were in high school “I got a girlfriend”. Why? “Because I have a girlfriend”. That relationship won’t last the next semester. And your “job because I got a job” won’t last that many paychecks.

So what should you do? Go hippie and never work again? I’m not saying that. What I’m telling you, if you want a job, be sure it provides you a purpose. When you find the right person to marry or to shack up with (not everyone is into marriage, I know), you just know. When you find a job with purpose, you just know. I didn’t seek out to be a branding consultant, I didn’t seek out to help thousands of job seekers develop their personal brand. It happened to me because I wanted purpose, I knew fast food was meant to be a stepping stone in my career and I was right. From minimum wage to self-employment.

Find your purpose. Don’t find a job. Else you will regret that job and despise it. Always choose to be happy. It’s more fun.

Millennials Are More Relevant Than You Think

Hello Branding Cats,

Oh no, another post about the snot-nosed, immature and self-absorbed millennials, right? Well yes, actually. As a proud member of Gen Y-Not, I fall under that umbrella term of digital natives who realized that working smarter gets things done quicker and easier than breaking your back. So I wanted to write to those reading about the importance of my fellow millennials, the new coffee-fetching grunts of Corporate America.

Actually, we’re not fetching coffee for you. In fact, you don’t see that many of us in suits, in a cubicle and boasting about our nest egg, do you? and because of that you call us lazy and disinterested in the world. And nothing could be farther from the truth. Corporate America doesn’t interest us because we know of the way that the older generations were too afraid of taking. We realized that life isn’t about making a living or some dream of a divided country.  We heard your cries of going to college, so we did. Not only did we go to college, we unleashed it to the masses. every theory, every mathematical solution, every history lesson is online in a convenient front page.

Our numbers increase. We have more buying power than the previous two generations. the only ones who can compete, the Baby Boomers, are slowly being picked off. We remain fresh, we remain alert and we remain active. I seen a commercial that says we could be the generation that ends smoking. They are right. How many millennials are active smokers?

Our ideas shape the future. Social media, startups and thousands of other digital ideas that have yet to be perfected. We are at the helm of that. Not the previous generations. They were too busy to get a gold watch and move to Florida. Folks, I live in Florida. You don’t want this heat or hurricanes. We don’t want to retire because we love what we do. We are active because we get bored easily. Not because of a mental disorder, because we have progressed past the norms of business, the norms of society. Us millennials are ready to change the world as we see fit.

We are more relevant than you think. Just like you were when you were at our age. I just hope we stay this vigilant and this outrageous. After all, calming down was so 1990-something.

Don’t Sell To Me, Talk To Me.

Hello Branding Cats,

It seems no matter how much we express the need of connection and the power of social media, marketing can’t get it right. Not just marketing, but sales in general. Cold calling is still relevant to them in the form of cold emails. Does this method actually work? I never once sold anything from cold calling, I tried to understand my customers before I even told them what I was selling.

This process has ruined networking for many cats. People aren’t used to other people talking to them, they jump to “I’m a salesman” mindset. This sours the idea of helping out. Quit trying to sell everyone and start talking, engage and learn.

The Only Surefire, Easy Way to Get Your Next Job

The election season is heating up and the politicians are looking to secure their next gig. Shouldn’t you get ready to go to work? Oh, right, you don’t have just yet. But you have a full week of interviews lined up! Or maybe you were let go due to company downsizing and are reading up life hacks on how to save on dish washing. No matter your reasoning, you have came across this article in hopes to land your dream job. Guess what, you can! All you have to do is follow these simple tips and every employer in the tri-city area will be knocking on your door. Well, maybe their assistant. And they’d more than likely call you… Forget the door. Keep your phone charged and follow these tips!

Tip 1: Your Resume Should Be a Pretty Piece of Paper

The ATS is just jargon! Let your resume look like you dipped it in Skittles with that cool font you typed the when you were Dungeon Master. You have a nice smile, don’t forget to post that; after all, your profile and your resume is your personal brand. Content is okay but presentation is king.

Tip 2: Apply to Just ONE Type of Job

You’re only one person, after all. When you personalized your resume and made it stand out with all essence of you (ladies, dab some of your favorite perfume), you send it to just one, and I do mean one, type of job. No one likes an over achiever who tries to apply for something that could advance their career. The road less taken has too many bumps.

Tip 3: Fashionably Late is Early!

You got the interview. Told you that awesome resume and applying to the one thing you’re good at pays off! Now your interview is at 10:00 AM, but you live 45 minutes away. DO NOT LEAVE EARLY! If the early bird gets the worm, why is there still worms? You go down to the Nordstrom shop and get you something nice. It will be perfectly understandable if you show up at 10:15 AM as long as you donning something classy and appealing.

Tip 4: Don’t Be A Showoff

Hey, you got an interview, why are you hogging all the spotlight? That individual across the table is in charge of shaking your hand and welcoming to their team or sending your file to a virtual black hole. Ask them about their daily life, or if the cute receptionist is available. Keep to the shadows about your past accomplishments. Yeah you could have performed the tasks of three people, and you could have increased customer loyalty by 200%. Then again, you could only be second place in the company softball team… Don’t be a showoff.

Tip 5: Don’t Follow Up

They got your number, it’s how they contacted you in the first place. You might be annoying them if you follow up. How do you know when you call to thank them they aren’t fighting the urge to run to the bathroom before their next meeting? Or if you send an email, the horror of this. What if their teenage daughter sent them a text because her boyfriend dumped her? Seconds go by like hours to teenagers! Now they have to focus on you and not counsel their angelic baby girl.


If you have made it this far, I hope you gotten a laugh at the absurdity. If you’re not laughing, I highly advise you to roll your eyes and give the ol’ noggin a shake. I do not, I repeat I do NOT, suggest you doing these steps unless you do the exact opposite. The job hunt is serious but it shouldn’t be scary. Have fun when you’re hunting and remember to follow your heart, not your wallet.

Get Motivated Every Monday

Hello Branding Cats,

The coolest thing about Twitter is the trends. Not only marketers but all professionals can learn something from what is trending on Twitter. This is because our real audience, the real consumers, are the ones who are using the trend. You can always see which trends are organic as they have the most power, the most authenticity. But not all trends are call to arms or new advertising campaign. Some trends are simply Twitter-only engagements, such as industry chats (Buffer Chat, SEM Rush Chat and Small Biz Hour are some of my favorites).

Monday Motivation is a trend for every Monday, and are of Tweets to encourage and motivate the reader. I try to participate with a quote or two every week or in the very least read the vast pools of wisdom. Motivation Monday doesn’t have to stay on your timeline, my dear readers. I encourage everyone to create a Monday of motivation and advancement. The weekend is for your personal evolution, and your Monday should be for your professional resolution.

Have a reason to get motivated each week. If you don’t have one, then like a job, create one. Each week I think of a new goal, whether it’s to write more of my LinkedIn book, read a new chapter in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy saga or even help out a friend. If it enhances my career or advances my personal endeavors, then great! Personally I don;t like stagnation, but you might like where you are right now, that’s cool. But get fired up about how you will be protecting your spot in the sun.

Are you motivated?

What Is Punk Branding?

Hello branding cats,

As I have been reshaping my digital footprint I have been using a phrase as of late, Punk Branding. Sounds like a clothing offshoot of Hot Topic, doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s a new way of looking at branding, both personal and corporate. Punk Branding is being simple and authentic to your brand.

The main problem with job seekers is they don’t have a clue about who they are. They hide behind 30 years of experience or graduating top of their class or the notion they just need a job to be validated. First I would like to say the last example is the adult equivalent of “I need a girlfriend/boyfriend to be be happy”. Remember that lie in high school? The same thing is being said afterwards with the replacement of an intangible title. Happiness is something different from being employed and so I will address happiness in a later entry. Not the right time.

Job seekers, and many startups don’t know who they truly are. They don’t know their brand. So they hire branding consultants that cost more than the CEO to come up with a catchy title that has the possibility of being 25% cooler than the cats who work there full time. I’m a branding consultant, and yes I do charge less than majority of my competitors, but there is nothing I can’t come up with that you can’t already. Now here’s my little secret… Punk Branding.

Go to your Pandora (or Spotify, or if you are really delusional Tidal), and search punk. The Ramones, The Cramps, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols or The Clash are typically who opens up each time. Listen to them and compare it to the top artists today. Notice how simple those chords are? How raw the vocals are? How straight forward the lyrics are? That’s punk. That is what your brand should be. In your face, real and straight to the point.

Punk Branding is harnessing the raw power of the punk attitude and chiseling your brand out of it. In todays business world there are worst things than being called a punk. Honestly, I like to think of being called the Punk of Branding a high compliment. Rock on, dear readers, and don’t fall in the mosh pit.

New Look, New Approach

Hello branding cats.

As you may have noticed, my blog has taken quite a turn. This is still Wes. the man behind How To Be An Impact Player. You see I have to explain this rebranded blog. When I set up How to Be An Impact Player it was for the job seekers, mainly me. It was to be SEO fodder so I can get a job and have an excuse for wearing a tie. But through my personal evolution, I learned about branding, marketing, job hunting, and most importantly, coaching. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a suit and tie gig, it’s just I can’t fit into that environment. And I can’t stand working in fast food. So what to do? Am I an impact player?

No, I evolved past a player. I evolved and advanced myself to the coach of impact players. I became a thought leader. I’m the guy who sees the wave coming and tells those who want to ride which waves will be the best for your board. I’m the one who makes the waves that either capsize the oblivious and outdated or lunge the ready farther than previous before. So a change was in order. I already mentioned that I’m focusing on Leadership Level Three, So why did I pick such a name as Punk.Brand?

Punk Dot Brand is a vision I have. Simple and authentic is what branding should be. Any idiot can make something complex, but a simple and authentic approach is the mark of the gifted. When I develop a brand one of the main genres of music I listen to is punk. Why? Because it’s real, it’s simple and it’s in your face. Take any genre today and put it against the ’70s and ’80s punk bands. Who will you see walking the streets,mostly with a smile because they know who they are? If you play it simple and loud, you will always have a crowd.

This is my new look and new approach. I will be tending to this digital garden on the regular. If you are reading then I will make this promise with you. I will deliver new insight, new attitude and a new prescriptive on all things business. If you have been kind enough to read this far, I don’t want to waste your time. I want you to advance to your next level and if my advice and blog helps, then awesome.If not… then as Johnny Rotten would say, BOLLOCKS!

Leadership… Level Three

Hello cats.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Apparently my advice is sound and a well maintained blog is all the rage, so here is a new entry for those interested. I completed the 99 Days of Freedom challenge with no problem. I’m back on Facebook and use it mainly to tag base with friends who don’t know how to use a phone. I self published my first book, Rites of Ascension. It’s an occult thriller about a sociopath who breaks free from prison to hunt down his ex. I’m not saying it’s based on a true story but I am saying it is an archetype like relationship.

This week I’m going to the doctors for a checkup. I honestly can’t remember the last time I been to the doctors. Maybe when I sprained my ankle in high school? That sucked. Then new glasses, so hell yeah. I just got done talking to 3k people in my LinkedIn contacts, took me a whole week.

I have a new book planned. This time nonfiction. All my sage advice on LinkedIn profiles in one volume. This is the start of what I like to call Leadership Level 3. Turns out there are cats who pay attention to what I say,so I should start talking.