New Look, New Approach

Hello branding cats.

As you may have noticed, my blog has taken quite a turn. This is still Wes. the man behind How To Be An Impact Player. You see I have to explain this rebranded blog. When I set up How to Be An Impact Player it was for the job seekers, mainly me. It was to be SEO fodder so I can get a job and have an excuse for wearing a tie. But through my personal evolution, I learned about branding, marketing, job hunting, and most importantly, coaching. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a suit and tie gig, it’s just I can’t fit into that environment. And I can’t stand working in fast food. So what to do? Am I an impact player?

No, I evolved past a player. I evolved and advanced myself to the coach of impact players. I became a thought leader. I’m the guy who sees the wave coming and tells those who want to ride which waves will be the best for your board. I’m the one who makes the waves that either capsize the oblivious and outdated or lunge the ready farther than previous before. So a change was in order. I already mentioned that I’m focusing on Leadership Level Three, So why did I pick such a name as Punk.Brand?

Punk Dot Brand is a vision I have. Simple and authentic is what branding should be. Any idiot can make something complex, but a simple and authentic approach is the mark of the gifted. When I develop a brand one of the main genres of music I listen to is punk. Why? Because it’s real, it’s simple and it’s in your face. Take any genre today and put it against the ’70s and ’80s punk bands. Who will you see walking the streets,mostly with a smile because they know who they are? If you play it simple and loud, you will always have a crowd.

This is my new look and new approach. I will be tending to this digital garden on the regular. If you are reading then I will make this promise with you. I will deliver new insight, new attitude and a new prescriptive on all things business. If you have been kind enough to read this far, I don’t want to waste your time. I want you to advance to your next level and if my advice and blog helps, then awesome.If not… then as Johnny Rotten would say, BOLLOCKS!


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