What Is Punk Branding?

Hello branding cats,

As I have been reshaping my digital footprint I have been using a phrase as of late, Punk Branding. Sounds like a clothing offshoot of Hot Topic, doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s a new way of looking at branding, both personal and corporate. Punk Branding is being simple and authentic to your brand.

The main problem with job seekers is they don’t have a clue about who they are. They hide behind 30 years of experience or graduating top of their class or the notion they just need a job to be validated. First I would like to say the last example is the adult equivalent of “I need a girlfriend/boyfriend to be be happy”. Remember that lie in high school? The same thing is being said afterwards with the replacement of an intangible title. Happiness is something different from being employed and so I will address happiness in a later entry. Not the right time.

Job seekers, and many startups don’t know who they truly are. They don’t know their brand. So they hire branding consultants that cost more than the CEO to come up with a catchy title that has the possibility of being 25% cooler than the cats who work there full time. I’m a branding consultant, and yes I do charge less than majority of my competitors, but there is nothing I can’t come up with that you can’t already. Now here’s my little secret… Punk Branding.

Go to your Pandora (or Spotify, or if you are really delusional Tidal), and search punk. The Ramones, The Cramps, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols or The Clash are typically who opens up each time. Listen to them and compare it to the top artists today. Notice how simple those chords are? How raw the vocals are? How straight forward the lyrics are? That’s punk. That is what your brand should be. In your face, real and straight to the point.

Punk Branding is harnessing the raw power of the punk attitude and chiseling your brand out of it. In todays business world there are worst things than being called a punk. Honestly, I like to think of being called the Punk of Branding a high compliment. Rock on, dear readers, and don’t fall in the mosh pit.


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