Get Motivated Every Monday

Hello Branding Cats,

The coolest thing about Twitter is the trends. Not only marketers but all professionals can learn something from what is trending on Twitter. This is because our real audience, the real consumers, are the ones who are using the trend. You can always see which trends are organic as they have the most power, the most authenticity. But not all trends are call to arms or new advertising campaign. Some trends are simply Twitter-only engagements, such as industry chats (Buffer Chat, SEM Rush Chat and Small Biz Hour are some of my favorites).

Monday Motivation is a trend for every Monday, and are of Tweets to encourage and motivate the reader. I try to participate with a quote or two every week or in the very least read the vast pools of wisdom. Motivation Monday doesn’t have to stay on your timeline, my dear readers. I encourage everyone to create a Monday of motivation and advancement. The weekend is for your personal evolution, and your Monday should be for your professional resolution.

Have a reason to get motivated each week. If you don’t have one, then like a job, create one. Each week I think of a new goal, whether it’s to write more of my LinkedIn book, read a new chapter in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy saga or even help out a friend. If it enhances my career or advances my personal endeavors, then great! Personally I don;t like stagnation, but you might like where you are right now, that’s cool. But get fired up about how you will be protecting your spot in the sun.

Are you motivated?


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