Millennials Are More Relevant Than You Think

Hello Branding Cats,

Oh no, another post about the snot-nosed, immature and self-absorbed millennials, right? Well yes, actually. As a proud member of Gen Y-Not, I fall under that umbrella term of digital natives who realized that working smarter gets things done quicker and easier than breaking your back. So I wanted to write to those reading about the importance of my fellow millennials, the new coffee-fetching grunts of Corporate America.

Actually, we’re not fetching coffee for you. In fact, you don’t see that many of us in suits, in a cubicle and boasting about our nest egg, do you? and because of that you call us lazy and disinterested in the world. And nothing could be farther from the truth. Corporate America doesn’t interest us because we know of the way that the older generations were too afraid of taking. We realized that life isn’t about making a living or some dream of a divided country.  We heard your cries of going to college, so we did. Not only did we go to college, we unleashed it to the masses. every theory, every mathematical solution, every history lesson is online in a convenient front page.

Our numbers increase. We have more buying power than the previous two generations. the only ones who can compete, the Baby Boomers, are slowly being picked off. We remain fresh, we remain alert and we remain active. I seen a commercial that says we could be the generation that ends smoking. They are right. How many millennials are active smokers?

Our ideas shape the future. Social media, startups and thousands of other digital ideas that have yet to be perfected. We are at the helm of that. Not the previous generations. They were too busy to get a gold watch and move to Florida. Folks, I live in Florida. You don’t want this heat or hurricanes. We don’t want to retire because we love what we do. We are active because we get bored easily. Not because of a mental disorder, because we have progressed past the norms of business, the norms of society. Us millennials are ready to change the world as we see fit.

We are more relevant than you think. Just like you were when you were at our age. I just hope we stay this vigilant and this outrageous. After all, calming down was so 1990-something.


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