Don’t Get a Job. Get A Purpose

Hello Branding Cats,

You know, I constantly treat LinkedIn profiles like dating site profiles. You want to give out the right message for the right person. For those reading who have been on dating sites, how many of suitors would you talk to if they reeked of desperation and flat out said they will take anyone. Not many of you, I’m sure. Confidence is key in that situation, and also when networking on and offline. To flat out say you want any job cheapens you as a professional. Stop looking for a job to say you have a job. It’s like when you were in high school “I got a girlfriend”. Why? “Because I have a girlfriend”. That relationship won’t last the next semester. And your “job because I got a job” won’t last that many paychecks.

So what should you do? Go hippie and never work again? I’m not saying that. What I’m telling you, if you want a job, be sure it provides you a purpose. When you find the right person to marry or to shack up with (not everyone is into marriage, I know), you just know. When you find a job with purpose, you just know. I didn’t seek out to be a branding consultant, I didn’t seek out to help thousands of job seekers develop their personal brand. It happened to me because I wanted purpose, I knew fast food was meant to be a stepping stone in my career and I was right. From minimum wage to self-employment.

Find your purpose. Don’t find a job. Else you will regret that job and despise it. Always choose to be happy. It’s more fun.


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