I Think I’d Do Good in The Wrestling Biz

Hello Branding Cats,

I made a promise to those who would listen that I’d be more up to date on my blog. This previous week has been a landslide of personal branding, hospital visits and Walt Disney World. A week that will have a later blog, but today I want to talk about an industry that is a personal passion of mine, an industry that spoke to me as a child and never really shut up. The world of professional wrestling, my white whale.

Looking back from 14 to now(a good 12 years), I have started three businesses, one of them solely by myself, as well as done the boring fast food wage slave jobs, and even been a music critic. The one thing I never was able to do was find my break in the wrestling scene. Florida is rich with wrestling history, my Skype name involves wrestling and I was one of the first subscribers for the WWE Network.

Being a fan isn’t the only reason on why I’m sure I’d do good in wrestling. I’ve studied the fundamentals from Ed Lewis to Porkchop Cash to Raven. The contrast and compliments of wrestling psychology, the importance of selling and getting over. I know I can do great because all my teenage life I was a true fanboy and played around in e-feds. I created characters, wrote promos and entertained those who could read. I wrote the matches, developed the storylines and mentored the next generation. The only thing I never did was actually get inside the business.

I love wrestling. It’s not the money, it wasn’t supposed to be rock star money. The history speaks to me, I want to do the business right. I know the dirty secret of the trade, I’m not a mark. But the respect I hold for it, it like Richard Branson on customer service. I want to advance the sport, create a new era of classics. The insiders say it’s dead, I say it’s ready for the next level. And it’s the fresh blood like me that can be the catalyst.

I will pursue a career as a booker, and I will take Vincent K.¬†McMahon to lunch, he just doesn’t know it yet. Until then, my fellow branding cats, stay PUNK.


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