Stop Shoving Your Resume In People’s Faces!

Hello Branding Cats,

If you are a job seeker or a professional trying to advance their career, that’s cool. But I have a tip for you. Something every HR manager, business owner and helpful friend in the country wants you to know– STOP WITH THE RESUME! Do you know there are three levels of your personal brand? Your resume is only the first level. It should be a record of your experience,not a pie in the face of anyone with the connection to a new job.

You see, as a branding consultant I have a bone to pick with resumes. They are boring, they are dull and they are outdated. Yes, I do them and I have fun with a few of them,all resume writers have a few that get the special treatment. But they still suck because resumes are so 19-something. You take hours of your free time putting into words what you did for an extended amount of time. Then you learn from branding cats like me that you are choking the ATS or you have outdated concepts that you took from your old man. You don’t mean to, it happens. Get it fixed and get the job.

Then there are the erudite,self absorbed job seekers who feel because their resume is four pages they are entitled to anything they want. Cats with extensive experience in the academics are most prone to this aliment. I’m guessing because they spent all that money on a piece of paper it must have a hidden decoder message that only HR managers are attune with. Well, they aren’t.

Resumes are still a tool in the job seeking process, but stop limiting yourself to a piece of paper. It’s 2015, we are in the midst of a digital world, start thinking like a digital native. Try networking and engaging your network instead of shoving your resume at every face you see. It makes you look desperate, and desperate is cheap. Stay aloof; the aloof is expensive.

I hope those who are still reading understand my argument. Resumes are ugly, outdated and shouldn’t be shoved at everyone like a new mom with baby pictures. So ditch the resume, get creative and stay PUNK.


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