Know It All’s Suck

Hello Branding Cats,

Have you ever given advice to someone and they just turned around and gave an arrogance like they knew it the whole time? Or you try to give advice and they “have something better” pop up? It sucks, yes and it happens.

Know It Alls,the ones who can’t possibly do any wrong so something is wrong with the world on why they are stuck. The concept of humility and team building is lost on them as they are a one person success in their eyes and everyone else must learn from them. These people suck.

I had the displeasure of lending social media advice to a Know It All, and the next three emails (all from them… in a row) were about how they know social media but it is social media that is broken and has no future. This is 2015, if you think social media doesn’t have a future I know a great retirement cat you should talk to. The Know It All then proceeds to order me to sell them on why they need social media…. It’s been a week since they last heard from me.

The bottom line is don’t be a Know It All. Sure, knowing your gig and being a leader is one thing. But never cut someone down or stick your nose in the air because of your job title. Downsizing is just as much a tradition as baseball now. No one likes a Know It All. They suck.

Stay PUNK, cats.


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