Kansas City Bound

Hello Branding Cats,

Years ago, one of my college professors said something that stuck with me. It was a directing class held in the auditorium of the campus. She said that to be a good director, you need to be in the audience, to be a fan. You can’t always give out without taking in, to always learn. I remember this because like all directing classes, we were developing our own concept of Romeo and Juliet. It was a true statement, because that play has been done, in every shape and form. To create a new direction, you have to see what has already been done.

One thing that will always charge your creativity is traveling. It’s new… everything. When I met my wife,she lived in a small town in Central Florida that no one heard of. I thought it was breathtaking. A small town, with a lakefront, miles of dirt road and one downtown district. The air was different, the people were different than the ones in the Tampa Bay area, and the culture was… well, to be honest the culture was non-existent. But I always returned to Clearwater with new air in my lungs, dozens of ideas in my head and craving for creation.

Later this year, we will be traveling to my hometown of Kansas City, and I haven’t been in years. I look to TripAdvisor to see what is worth showing and what is not. I look forward to generating a new outlook, with the vibrant downtown life and the few amusement parks. I know I will return to Florida with a yearning to create, to develop, to do something.

Until then, stay PUNK.


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