Why I Won’t Write A Personal Development Book

Hello Branding Cats,

Ever since I started helping job seekers develop their personal brands and started writing articles on LinkedIn about branding, cats have been asking when I’m writing a book. When am I going to tap into the revenue stream of books, public speaking engagements and webinars. All of the others done it, go to any bookstores and there will be shelves of books on personal branding, development,self-help and business in general. So, when am I going to write the next Five Levels of Leadership or How to Win Friends and Influence People?

Simply put, I’m not. It’s not that I don’t have any aspirations to grow my leadership or there is a lack of original thoughts, that’s not it. While speaking to groups is a passion of mine since my days in Toastmasters, and I’m actually conceptualizing the idea of my own webinars, writing books is not something I see myself doing. The reason is because most of them are ghostwritten and I can’t let someone else convey my thoughts, despite the fact few people actually understand me. Another reason is the prices. Go to that shelf I mentioned and look at the prices… the cheapest book I saw was just over $19.99. I make my money from developing brands, from talking to people and expanding their idea. A book can’t do that. It wouldn’t be us engaging in advancing you, it would be a set response and an open interpretation.

I started writing a book on LinkedIn profiles. But I realized the things I mentioned as well as another piece. While writing quick blogs or speaking with you helps,sitting down and writing a book where I try to anticipate all questions is another beast. If I were to write it be to write stories,fictional tales of adventure, moral questions or satire. I wrote Rites of Ascension in a month, and it was fun. If I were to write it be for storytelling. Or a blog post,so all can benefit from it. Social unconscious.

Stay PUNK.


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