Adults Like Referrals

Hello Branding Cats,

The other day I was wishing a friend of mine a happy birthday. With our friendship lasting over a decade, we spent some time to laugh about the past and plan a reunion, much to the dislike of our respective significant others. It’s worth to note before my days as a personal branding artist, writer and social entrepreneur, I was like any other teenager. A punk kid who knew everything about nothing, except we will form the band that makes metal rule again. In high school the administration knew us quite well and not because we were on the honor roll every semester. We were much like Steve-O and Heroin Bob from Salt Lake City Punk.

Then something clicked that I thought was funny. Here we are, both 26, each with a different type of business (branding/social media for myself, dog training for him), and always open to referrals. Yet, turn back time to when we were 16, each with a different type of favorite metal (Death metal for him, Thrash for me), we hated getting referrals from our teachers.

Different in meaning, the words are the same. Adults love getting referrals, while teenagers roll their eyes at them. Amazing what ten years can do to two punks.


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