Hiring Me Makes Sense (And Money)

Hello Branding Cats,

It seems I have failed my promise to you. While my blog has been more active and more focused, I have not been as real as I’d like. So let me break character a moment. You might see me as the Punk of Branding, a Social Networking Instigator or just a Millennial. These are accurate ways to describe me, but I’m quite the multi-layered fellow.

This entry isn’t for the job seekers, this is to the key holders. The decision makers, the ones who have been hunting for the right candidate nonstop for days. I’m Wes, and I’m the guy you’ve been looking for.

For the last year I have generated sales, by myself, that kept me in business for a year. I have written articles that got featured on Pulse, I have mentored and trained hundreds of future thought leaders, and in my career I have won three Best Customer Service Awards. I want to be part of a team, I miss it.

I had the chance to work for Disney but they blew it. They fired me and blacklisted because I said I didn’t have a record in my application, and turns out I do. It’s because someone stole my identity and even though I was found not guilty, it still showed up. And the Mouse won’t hear any of it.

So Disney’s mistake can be your gain. Look at my LinkedIn, contact me. I’m open to relocation (gets hot in Florida). The Punk of Branding can be yours,today! And your company will grow from it.


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