Network and Set Goal like this movie

When you hear about goal setting and goal achievement you either think of your job or a motivational speaker. Goals are important as it gives you a reason to drive forward and advance your mission, professionally or personally. Many leaders advocate the importance of weekly, monthly, yearly and end goals. But who reading this actually achieves their goals? New Year Resolutions are the most common goals that get abandoned, and this leads to professionals who simply miss the opportunity to advance their career by setting weekly goals.

What else is important? Networking. Getting to know the right cats or more importantly having the right cats know you. It gets lonely at the top, so bring friends. But you need someone, a mentor or hero or just a guide, to help you get your party to the peak. No man is an island.

So what does goal setting and networking have to do with this post? Recently I re-watched the ’90s cult favorite A Night At The Roxbury and something caught my eye. While it’s a comedy and the two protagonists are underachieving club hoppers made to be laughed at, I noticed they had a fire in them. A fire I see in many entrepreneurs who are begging to break from the daily grind. The two brothers want to own their own night club, yet they never enter the cream of the crop, the hottest of hot spots, The Roxbury.

They did get in, though it was an accident and there they meet the owner of The Roxbury. Meeting the main cat launched the two boys into club ownership eventually, but they had a whole pack of wack between their dream and them.

Now, what does this have to do in real life? The brothers never stop trying to get into the one club who wouldn’t let them in. They persisted and found a way in by way of “The King of 21 Jump Street” Richard Grieco, and got to meet the owner. It was the owner who talked to the brothers and made their dream of reality.
You are on LinkedIn. Why? To network. You don’t need to wreck a movie star’s high dollar car (highly ill advised) to get noticed. You simply have to reach out and say hello, start a conversation. That is how we build relationships after all.

In the movie the brothers were fired from their fathers silk flower shop. Yet they continued to dream and set goals on owning a night club. What do you do? If you get fired, do you just give up. You don’t, that is the best time to follow your heart. I got fired from my last job before I started my own company and help develop personal brands. It was my goal to be a success in my new endeavors and to help as many as I could.

What movie has inspired you to challenge or change? Do you just watch the face value entertainment or do you like movies with a message?


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